The main activities

The main goal of the AwK – Adaptation with Knowledge, Climate Change project is to improve the resilience and response capacity of the Algarve regarding climate change, creating the necessary foundations and support for the implementation of the Intermunicipal Climate Change Adaptation Plan of the Algarve (PIAAC-AMAL) through:

  • Creating a monitoring tool;
  • Supporting stakeholder participation;
  • Training and awareness-raising of different key actors such as AMAL members, municipal technicians, PIAAC-AMAL Monitoring Council, residents, and floating population.

This project is divided into four complementary axes:


Operationalization, monitoring and communication 

The first axis of this project aims to structure and prepare a monitoring tool (Balanced Scorecard), which uses indicators to assess the implementation and management of adaptation measures. This tool will facilitate the implementation, monitoring and tracking of PIAAC-AMAL, and it will support participatory, decision-making and reporting processes. This axis also aims to boost the operationalization of PIAAC-AMAL, through periodic meetings with the Monitoring Council (which engages several institutions in the Algarve), and with the technicians of the 16 Algarve municipalities, also involving several specialists in the climate change field.

Exchange and consolidation of knowledge based on practical cases

This axis promotes the knowledge and motivation of the teams involved in the implementation of PIAAC-AMAL at regional and local levels, through the exchange of experiences and practical cases with Norwegian entities. Benchmarking examples and practical case studies will be analysed, through both a field visit to Norway and the organization of a workshop for the Algarve technicians with the participation of Norwegian entities

Technical training

As with Axis 2, this axis also promotes the knowledge and motivation of the teams involved in the implementation of PIAAC-AMAL at regional and local levels. Specifically in Axis 3, this is achieved through the creation of an adaptation Roadmap, which will support the local implementation of PIAAC-AMAL; as well as training sessions for the responsible technical teams.

Awareness and dissemination

The fourth axis of the project aims to raise awareness among the resident and fluctuating population, as well as touristic companies, regarding the urgency of climate change adaptation. Throughout this project, several communication campaigns will be held through different means: social media, radio, website, outdoors, creative challenges and other events. These campaigns will be directed towards different target groups, and they will contribute to awareness raising and word of mouth about the main impacts and the best ways to tackle the unavoidable effects of climate change, which are already happening and will worsen in the future.


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