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The AwK project features a strong communication component, directed towards call to action, whose purpose is to encourage the target audience to act on a specific issue, motivating them towards specific actions and information-sharing between citizens/entities at various scales. There are good examples of climate change-related calls to action all over the world.*

The goal of the communication campaign of the AwK project is to raise awareness about climate change among residents, companies and tourists in the Algarve, allowing them to learn more about this topic, as well inciting action, both individually and collectively. This communication campaign will contribute towards more awareness and word of mouth through different means: this website, social media, radio and events.

It is essential to act in the present to safeguard the future, promoting knowledge about the main impacts of – and the best ways to deal with – the unavoidable effects of climate change, which are already happening and will continue to worsen in the future!

We invite you to follow the news through this website and the project’s social media pages. 

* One of the most well-known examples of a successful worldwide call to action is Earth Hour. This symbolic event started in Sydney in 2007, with the aim of raising awareness about the climate crisis and encouraging dialogue about environmental protection. In the following years, this movement spread throughout the world. Nowadays, millions of people come together on the last Saturday in March in more than 190 countries, to turn off the lights for one hour and show their support for the planet. In addition to energy saving, this event has been a catalyst for changes and improvements in legislation, as well as for the implementation of concrete environmental protection measures.

Other good examples of call to action are the Climate Statement – Call to Action for a Climate-Resilient Recovery from COVID-19 of the United Nations and the Call to Action of the COP26 Coalition (an alliance of British civil society, comprised of groups and individuals who came together for climate justice during COP26).


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